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Ladies & Gentlemen, Weird Files.

June 2, 2014 | 10:30 pm

So, it occurs to me that I haven’t recently (if ever) gone out of my way to make sure Dr. Pants fans were/are aware of Weird Files, a side project of mine (David). This blog entry will do 2 things: 1) It will attempt to give a history of the project that is both comprehensive and comprehensible. 2) It will make you aware of the new Weird Files release, Slau.

Firstly, a history…

In 1997, I released a cassette-only release called Werks. It was a LOT different from the other cassettes I put out under my own name in the 90s – namely, it was all instrumental, and pursued a more avant, sound collage-y direction than the rest of my stuff.

When I began assembling the Feezle Day album in late 1999, I had (as you may know) a great deal of material at my disposal. Some of it was straightforward rock music, some of it was very much in the vein of Werks. I decided it could all go under the same umbrella, and put it all on Feezle Day.

At that point I had no intention of putting this “weirder” side of the music out under a different name. I did make a conscious choice to separate it out on the next two Dr. Pants releases, though; in 2004, I released Werks 2 under the Dr. Pants name (containing, again, almost all instrumental music in a more bizarre style), and in 2006, Gardening In a Tornado came out (a set of 13 pretty straightforward rock/pop songs).

Once Gardening was released, I started to feel uncomfortable with the situation. I felt compelled to separate the Werks albums, put them under a different umbrella, mostly because none of that material was getting performed at Dr. Pants shows. Thus, Weird Files was born. The two Werks albums were eventually reissued under the Weird Files name, and a new EP (Ott.) followed in 2009.

And now, I have a new Weird Files record for you. It’s called Slau. It has 8 tracks on it. I think it’s a ton of fun. Unlike previous Weird Files releases, it has almost no guitar on it; almost all the sounds were created using existing Garageband patches/effects, and recording voice and ambient sound on the mic in my MacBook.

I’m extremely proud of this record, and also glad to finally put it out into the world (it’s been sitting around for a bit). It helps clear my plate for other projects I want to work on. There will also be at least one video for one of the tracks.

Here it is.

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