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Geeky Friday: Dr. Pants album review and a giveaway!

May 9, 2012 | 1:06 pm


It’s Geeky Friday here at the Wandering Zebra, and I have a special treat for you this week. First, I’m going to be introducing you to a kick-ass band (that is, if you are one of my two readers who don’t read The Bloggess and haven’t already heard of them). Second, I’m giving away a track from their new album. Okay, they’re the ones giving away the track. But it’s on my blog, so I’m taking credit. Neener-neener.


The name of this band is, as you’ve probably guessed from the post title, Dr. Pants. They were kind enough to provide me a free review copy of their newest offering (which will be released on April 28), The Trip, Side 3: Watching the World End. It’s the third installment in a four-album cycle, following The Trip, Side 1: Illusion & Truth and The Trip, Side 2: Breaking the Feel. Full of humor and delightful pop culture references that will get any geek in the groove, Dr. Pants albums feature titles such as Hipster Kid/Sexy BeardsIf I Were John Cusack, and one of my personal favorites, Calling Chewbacca.

I confess that I didn’t know a lot about Dr. Pants before watching their live broadcast from the Bloggess’s bathroom. Yes. They did that. Because they are awesome and heard about her anxiety issues and how she couldn’t go to a live show because it would leave her wanting to curl up in a corner. The fact that they went to her house and performed in her bathroom is enough to recommend them. Really. Go buy their albums right now.

No? Oh, all right, I’ll tell you more. But it’s just a formality, really. You want this album.

Dr. Pants is the brainchild of front man David Broyles, who describes the band’s music as Nerd Power Groove Rock. I’ve seen them compared in other reviews to Weezer, and Broyles himself said, “Weezer and Beck made a baby with Phish, and that baby is Dr. Pants.” I think that’s a pretty apt description; their music has a distinctly 90′s feel to it, and you’ll find yourself jamming along.

Also notable is the fact that the 2010 video for the song “Sarsaparilla  Girl” was filmed entirely on an iPhone 4 — one of the first videos to do so.

But where Dr. Pants truly shines is in the lyrics. Always smart and frequently witty, the lyrics on this album also include a yearning love song to an uninterested woman (Natalie) and commentary on bigotry and intolerance (No Funkies).

The full track list is:

  1. Robot Spiders, a fun tale about your average guy building robot spiders to “kill & replace the people you and I call the human race” who meets your average girl building robot scorpions for the same purpose. So, you know, touching love story and stuff.
  2. Collections, a catchy instrumental piece that does a great job of showing off the band’s talent.
  3. No Funkies, a pretty thinly-veiled message about bigotry.
  4. Natalie, a guy-can’t-quite-get-the-girl song.
  5. Dog -> Hurricane, a fun riff on the old Butterfly Effect. Can a dog’s wagging tail cause a hurricane?
  6. I Am Yours, a fun love song with an instrumental section in the middle that almost gives you a disco feel.

All in all, this is a great album with much to recommend it to the geekier among us. You can check out more of Dr. Pants’ music (and listen to clips from each of their albums) by clicking on the album cover:


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