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October 10, 2017 | 9:21 pm

Hello, everyone.

I am hoping to say more things…blog about more things. Spending the last few years (mostly) away from rock music things and away from a world where I felt I had a broad enough avenue to express myself has left me feeling quite bottled up…and so words are coming. Words are coming.

Meanwhile, the re-entry into regular performance has begun, I think. It certainly appears that way. Here are the things that are coming up. Before I tell you about each one, I want to emphasize that each of these performances is different and even though the webcast is pay-what-you-want and Heard on Hurd is free, the intimate acoustic house concert on 11/1 with my friend Marian Call is going to be a unique experience that simply cannot be had at either of these other performances.

Sunday, 10/15: Return Of The Dr. Pants Solo Acoustic Webcast!

I did a solo webcast on Concert Window back in June. It was a blast and enabled a lot of the folks elsewhere in the US and Canada to see/hear a performance. We may figure out a way to webcast a full-band show some time in the future, since those are a thing again, but for now I think this format is working well. I anticipate continuing to do acoustic performances as well as electric ones, and this will be a way to bring both kinds to people who don’t live in Oklahoma. (Perhaps someday I/we can bring some shows to you live in person. Someday.)

Click here to go to my Concert Window page and buy a ticket!

Saturday, 10/21: Heard on Hurd

Heard on Hurd is Edmond, OK’s once a month, food truck-a-riffic, entertainment extravaganza! They pride themselves on booking the best of the best of Oklahoma music, so I am really grateful I was asked to bring the full electric Dr. Pants experience back to life for this event. This is the last Heard on Hurd of the season, and two other great bands (The Ivy and The So Help Me’s, both featuring students of mine! God, I’m old) will be sharing the stage with us.

Click here to visit the Heard on Hurd Facebook page to get more info!

Wednesday, 11/1: Acoustic House Concert w/ Marian Call

Man, am I excited about this show. I met Marian over Twitter a number of years ago, and after having hung out when she was passing through OKC once, we decided to do a gig together here in 2013. In fact, we played the inaugural show of my friend Sheri’s house concert series, which went on to host a ton of great artists over the last few years. Marian is a great songwriter and singer who brings nerdery and heartfelt experience forth in her songs in a truly unique and beautiful way. You do not want to miss this, especially if you lean more towards the acoustic side of things in your musical taste.

Seating is limited, so reserve your seat by emailing me at! I will give you the address of the house when you make your reservation. It is in the vicinity of NW 36th & Classen. The show will start at 7:00pm and there is a (highly) suggested donation of $15.

Click here to go to the Facebook event page for the house concert if you want to bookmark it for any reason! Otherwise, just send the email like I said above!

Again…more to come. So much more to come. More shows, new songs, new fancy, composer-y pieces, new videos, and lots of love for everyone who has supported me through the years. If you come to a show, you best come let me hug you.

All the bestest,


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