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Ladies & Gentlemen, Weird Files.

So, it occurs to me that I haven’t recently (if ever) gone out of my way to make sure Dr. Pants fans were/are aware of Weird Files, a side project… read more

So This Is the New Year

Hey folks. So, hopefully everyone read the previous entry and I don’t need to address any of that here. This is about other things. I can say with certainty that… read more

Call It a “Hiatus” If You Must.

I never set out to do anything in particular except make music. Dr. Pants is a vision I had for how certain aspects of my music making could be represented;… read more

ANNOUNCING: New Single, “Bigger On the Inside”

That’s right, folks, our new single contains 2 songs inspired by Doctor Who, just in time for the 50th anniversary! These 2 songs, “Bigger On the Inside” and “Screwdriver Is… read more

Moving Forward

Great portions of the last six to eight months have been challenging for Dr. Pants. And by “challenging for Dr. Pants” I primarily mean challenging for me (David) personally in… read more

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