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Already Gone

So…I talk on social media a lot about how I don’t like the Eagles. Or rather, I don’t talk ABOUT it, but I tend to mention it a lot. Some… read more


Hello, everyone. I am hoping to say more things…blog about more things. Spending the last few years (mostly) away from rock music things and away from a world where I… read more

Gardening Turns 10

10 years ago this month, the Gardening In a Tornado album was released. My relationship with said album has become more complicated in the ensuing years, but I can say… read more

This Is a Thing I Need To Share.

Some of you may be unaware that I have been pursuing a Masters degree in Music Composition at the University of Central Oklahoma for the last two years. Finishing a… read more

I Love Those Videos, I Watch ‘Em All Day

So, maybe some of you were surprised at how excited I was to complete and post a video on YouTube at the end of last week. Maybe you thought, “Yeah,… read more

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