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It’s about time I posted an official update in terms of what’s going on in the Pants-verse. There’s actually at least one thing that I’m NOT going to talk about… read more

Ladies & Gentlemen, Weird Files.

So, it occurs to me that I haven’t recently (if ever) gone out of my way to make sure Dr. Pants fans were/are aware of Weird Files, a side project… read more

So This Is the New Year

Hey folks. So, hopefully everyone read the previous entry and I don’t need to address any of that here. This is about other things. I can say with certainty that… read more

Call It a “Hiatus” If You Must.

I never set out to do anything in particular except make music. Dr. Pants is a vision I had for how certain aspects of my music making could be represented;… read more

ANNOUNCING: New Single, “Bigger On the Inside”

That’s right, folks, our new single contains 2 songs inspired by Doctor Who, just in time for the 50th anniversary! These 2 songs, “Bigger On the Inside” and “Screwdriver Is… read more

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